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Corrugated cardboard boxes have been the packaging material of choice for brands and industries all over the world for many years. It is versatile, strong, cost effective, eco friendly and easily reusable or recyclable. There are also so many options to customize your packaging - from various material grades and analog or digital production - to make the experience completely your own.

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Customize your Retail packaging and displays

Not only does Pacific Box offer a variety of custom POP template solutions, our in-house consulting, design and engineering team is ready to help you build the perfect custom display to attract consumer attention and move your product line.

The following inspirational samples are just a hint of the endless possibilities we are ready to explore.

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Digital Printing

As every product is different, not every box is pre-built to contain it. Digital printing allows you to turn any packaging vision into reality quickly, efficiently and affordably, no matter the size, quantity and shape.

Our expert digital team is ready to engineer the perfect custom solution in real time to match your unique product needs, without the limitations or cost of the traditional box printing process.

Benefits of digital printing

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    No minimums
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    Low set up costs without plate charges
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    Quick go-to-market ability
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    On-the-fly testing and refining
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    Pantone matching for color consistency*
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    Dazzling graphic design to attract attention
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    Custom options, no matter what the size or shape of your products*
* please contact us for specific requirements as some finishings or methods might not be able to be performed

Proudly sourced and manufactured in the Pacific Northwest

And of course, we are proud that this product was grown, produced and distributed here in the U.S.A. by a local, respected workforce, managed in a family-owned business.

Commencement Bay Corrugated

In 1980 we founded Commencement Bay Corrugated as a way to control the supply of our raw material and expand our offerings and production capabilities. With a recently installed state of the art 110” Corrugator and an emphasis on high-graphic, high-volume runs, the equipment and expertise at Commencement Bay Corrugated is a perfect compliment to our Pacific Box Company location. Located just 20 miles away, Commencement Bay Corrugated has over 350,000 square feet of manufacturing space.

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Thank you for considering Pacific Box for your custom packaging and display solutions. We’re looking forward to learning more about your project needs.

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